Anonymous ("An American native born Anarchist") to Jane Addams, October 1, 1901


Chicago Ill. Oct 1 = 1901

Miss Jane [Addams]

Dear Friend I write these few words to ask you to do all you can in every way.

Your Self and your friends to do just all you can to have the Government pick out A good island in their new possessions.

And call it the Anarchist Island and help the Anarchist to get there to live.

I want to go there to live my self if they would do it.

We can illustrate to the Civilized world so called an object lesson that would surprise the world.  And put all the World to thinking.

Please do all you can for this.

Yours Respectfully
An American native born Anarchist

Burn this up and say nothing only please consider its contents quietly.

A friend which asks you to please pardon for not signing name. As it is better not to do.

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