Jane Addams to Esther Linn, March 18, 1901


My dear Esther

[Enclosed] please find a statement of the sale of the Storm Lake house for which the check arrived this morning.

You see that your final share is $455.23 which I have deposited in the Savings dept of the Northern Trust Co.

I think that we would better leave it there quite untouched until next fall at least.

It looks now as if I would be able to do little lecturing next year, and in that case [page 2]  I will not be able to pay your University bills. I will promise however to supplement the balance needed to take you through the two years, if you consent to keep this amount for your school bills—keeping your clothes and incidentals within the other three hundred which you have now as the income for that.

I will hand over the bank book when I see you next or you can leave it here until next fall as you like.

If there is any thing about the statement that you don't understand, I will explain when [page 3] I see you.

I got back from Ann Arbor this morning, in time to see J. Weber off this afternoon.

Always your loving Aunt.

Jane Addams

March 18, 1901

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