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Schwimmer complains to Addams about the collapse of the Peace Ship and Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation and her difficulties with the Fords and others.
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Addams warns independent women against men who will try to take advantage of them in matters of money. This is a reprint of an article first published in 1907.
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Addams warns independent women against men who will try to take advantage of them in matters of money. This column appeared with slight variations in a number of newspapers between 1907-1910.
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Addams reports on Hull-House's facilities and social services on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary, providing a sense of the costs of maintaining buildings and programs, and ending with an appeal for financial support.

Alice and Sarah C, Robson agree to lend $5,000 to the Hull-House Association, which will be paid back at $200 per year unless both die before it is repaid.

Addams asks Hoyt for construction information needed to mount the Chicago Child Welfare Exhibit.

Addams declines Stewart's invitation to serve on a finance committee of another organization because of her own need to raise funds for Hull-House.

The Macmillan Company issues a credit statement to Addams for her book.

Palmer asks Addams to help her discover the true circumstances of an impoverished family member living in Chicago.

Addams thanks Brett for sending her an advancement of her royalties and mentions the potential plan for her new book.

Addams asks for an update on the fundraising goal set by Mary Matz.

Addams thanks McCormick for his $100 donation to Hull-House.

An excerpt from Katherine Tuley's will leaving Hull-House $200 and directing them to invest the funds.

Brett thanks Addams for allowing Macmillan Company to sell Twenty Years at Hull House to the Chautauqua Circles.

Brett writes Addams to propose the idea of selling discounted copies of Twenty Years at Hull House through the Chautauqua Society. He also proposes a new book idea.

Addams asks McCormick for a donation to support Hull-House.

On behalf of the Playground Association of America, Lee, Addams, and Eliot write to Blaine about fundraising efforts for creating playgrounds.

Addams negotiates with McClure over the publication of a series of articles from her A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil manuscript.

Addams thanks Blaine for a donation and requests a meeting to discuss a chapter inThe Spirit of Youth and the City Streets.

Addams thanks Blaine for her contributions to a milk fund.

Addams compares costs and logistics of hosting the Chicago Child Welfare Exhibit at the Armory or the Coliseum.

Addams writes Blaine about the financial costs of bringing the Child Welfare Exhibit from New York and expanding it for Chicago.

On behalf of Charles Crane, Rogers sends Addams a $500 donation to Hull-House.

Addams writes to McCormick to solicit a donation to Hull-House for the year of 1910.

Fargo asks Addams for a statement of expenses incurred in the trip to St. Louis to purchase municipal exhibits.

Addams thanks Haldeman for the Christmas check, which she plans to use for the purchase of a set of books about crime and punishment.

Macmillan Company sends Addams advance royalties for Spirit of Youth and the City Streets.
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