Chicago Civic Club Talk, January 13, 1910 (excerpt)


A Rose-Colored Statement.

Miss Jane Addams, the brilliant head of Hull House, said at a luncheon of the Chicago Civic Club:

"We women have still much to fight for. Our battle will be long and difficult. Well, let us frankly admit it. There is nothing to be gained by such rose-colored phrases as William White employed.

"William White's brother had killed a man in cold blood.

"'Well, William how about your brother?' A visitor to the town asked him one day after the trial.

"'Well,' said William, 'they've put him in jail for a month.'

"'That's rather a light sentence for a cold-blooded murder,' said the gentleman.

"'Yes, sir,' William admitted, 'but at the month's end they're going to hang him'".

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