Secretary to Jane Addams to Eliza De Luce, February 8, 1915


February 8, 1915.

Miss [Eliza] De Luce,
2930-1/2 Otis St.,
Berkeley, California.

My dear Miss De Luce: --

Miss Addams has referred your letter of Feb. 3d to me. I am enclosing the literature of the Woman's Peace Party, which will show you how the local organizations may be developed.

The Executive Committee has decided upon the following plan for the local organizations:

$1.00 fees shall be retained by the local group, entitling individuals to membership in the Woman's Peace Party through its local branch.

$5.00 fees shall be paid into the National Treasury.

It is hoped that women's clubs, church societies, etc. will come in on the $5.00 membership, while many individual members of those will join the local groups, and work through them.

The literature of the Woman's Peace Party will be sent to the Secretary of any [cooperating] society: Individual members will receive literature through the local branch to which they belong.

Wherever you can secure the $5.00 memberships, you will be helping to finance the national party.

Thanking you for your [cooperation] and for all that your help is going to mean, I am

Sincerely yours,

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