Julia Clifford Lathrop to Jane Addams, September 12, 1914


12 September 1914

Dear J. A.:

This morning I have received an inquiry from the American Society Hygiene Association as to our bulletin on sex education which the General Federation of Women's Clubs asked us to prepare. Their inquiry for the completed work reminds me that it is not yet undertaken. As I think you know, the Bureau has funds with which it can make contracts for special pieces of work. I talked to you about this pamphlet, if you will remember, when in Bar Harbor, and although you showed no enthusiasm to work for the Government then, I cannot but think that further reflection would show you the advantage of at least cooperating in the preparation of this pamphlet. I have been thinking that there are three points of view which might be incorporated and tied together, -- one that of a physician, -- of course Prince Morrow was the person to do it; one of a woman who, like Mrs. Bowen or Mrs. Falconer, has brought up a family and knew the seamy side as well; and the whole tied together and introduced by a practical philosopher like yourself. Suppose you submit this to Mrs. Bowen as a convalescent pleasure!

Yours faithfully,
(Signed) Julia C. Lathrop [stamped]

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull's Cove.