Charles Zueblin to Jane Addams, August 6, 1915


August 6, 1915

Dear Miss Addams:

A friend and former pupil of mine, Miss M. Louise Grant, has been lecturing successfully in New York and elsewhere on The Historical Antecedents of the War and their Bearings on Peace. She is engaged at the Finch school in New York, but wants to find increasing leisure next year for lecturing on her own chosen subject. Miss Grant is a competent historical student and has had great success in her suffrage and history lectures. I should be glad to recommend her without hesitation to your Peace Society, if you can find a place for her.

I hope your European trip was not without profit. You must know that I am one of those who believe in working for the remoter future without regard to contemporary prejudices and passions.

Yours faithfully,

Charles Zueblin [signed]

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