Jane Addams et al. to Harry Pratt Judson, November 25, 1912



President Harry Pratt Judson,
The University of Chicago

My dear Sir, --

You are aware that on January 1st, will occur the fiftieth anniversary of the day on which the Emancipation Proclamation issued by President Lincoln September 22nd, 1862, became effective and the order issued in accordance with its terms raised that status of three million human beings from that of slavery to that of citizenship in the United States. No official act has ever had consequences more far reaching. The greatest single event in the history of the nation, perhaps in the history of liberty and democracy, should be recognized by appropriate celebrations in all parts of the country. Arrangements are already under way for similar anniversary celebrations in other cities, and it is therefore proposed that representatives of all civic and patriotic organizations in Chicago shall meet on Tuesday, December 3rd, at the City Club, 315 Plymouth Court, at four o'clock, to discuss the manner of so celebrating in Chicago.

It is earnestly hoped that the members of the University of Chicago will consent to participate in this celebration and that representatives will be present at this preliminary conference.

Very truly yours,

Edward O. Brown, Chairman Provisional Committee,
Mary H. Wilmarth,
Jane Addams,
Ida B. Wells Barnett,
Charles E. Bentley,
S. P. Breckinridge,
Alexander A. McCormick,
S. Laing Williams,
November 25, 1912.
1300-116 South Michigan Avenue.