Louise de Koven Bowen to Jane Addams, May 11, 1905

May 11th
Bar Harbor, Maine.

Dear [Miss] Addams,

Your letter of the 6th did not reach me until today. Mr Pond's estimate for heating & lighting the new building is $966. The Whitney Comm Co. is $1500-–a difference of $534--suppose [page 2] we divide that difference about in half and call the heating and lighting $1200 a year. This will allow for new lamps, wear & tear etc. Mrs Wrights salary added to this will make the total cost $1500, and repairs [illegible] etc.

Now I do not want any rents you may [page 3] [receive] from the building deducted from this Sum, if you can rent the building, it will bring you in a little income and that will be a satisfaction to me. $1500 a year is less than I had thought, you [said] which was that the total cost would be about $2000 a year. I had this in my mind [page 4] when I first made the offer. [Will] you have some one just send me [mem.] conf these numbers, calling the heat & light $1200 a year, adding  Mrs Wright's salary and any other expenses. This will I think be quite satisfactory to you. I have thought of you very often since the strike began and wondered if it wasn't [last page(s) missing.]

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