Jane Addams to Harriet Dexter Lawrence Hemenway, January 30, 1915



Ex. Council Dec [illegible]
Jan. 30 -- 1915

My dear Mrs Hemenway

I am very sorry that the Suffrage plank has proved divisive, but I think that anyone who attended the meeting at W. would realize that it was absolutely fundamental to the undertaking.

The whole platform looks towards the humanizing of the conception of gov't. (The Catholic foreign born women of Chicago are very much interested -- the exercise of Suffrage here -- [page 2] & the woman who presided over the Washington meetings -- Janet Richards -- is a most devout Catholic.)

It seems to me impossible to make any changes in the platform now. Can you not urge the point that we do not require an agreement the letter of the platform?

I am sorry that the women are not willing to come in with us. The "Anti" sentiment is, of course, very strong in certain parts of N. E. & again in the Extreme South but we do not anticipate any [page 3] difficulty from the rest of the country.

Sincerely Yours

Signed Jane Addams