Jane Addams to Paul Underwood Kellogg, November 14, 1913


My dear Mr. Kellogg,

The block of Canon Barnett's portrait is in Boston. I have telegraphed Mr. Woods to send it to you and hope it will reach you in time.

I haven't made any changes in your first draft for the annual report, which seems to me a very stirring and able document. I always get quite excited over the Survey when I talk to you about it and this report has affected me in much the same way.

I come up to New York at the close of the National Suffrage Convention in Washington, I speak in Brooklyn the evening of December sixth and may stay over until the eighth for a Child Labor meeting. Mr. Lovejoy has arranged for that evening. In that case a meeting of the Associate Editors for Sunday night would be the best possible, or the afternoon of the sixth or eighth. I am afraid I cannot stay over for another evening. [page 2]

I have sent for the "[Negro's] Progress in Fifty Years". I think the best person to review it for the Survey would be Mrs. [Celia] Parker Woolley. She is, as you know, head of the Frederick [Douglass] Center here, and is very well informed on the subject.

Very sincerely yours,

Jane Addams. [signed]

Mr. Paul Kellogg,
New York City.