Graham Taylor to Jane Addams, October 1, 1913

Chicago Commons
Grand Ave. and Morgan St.

Oct. 1. 1913

My dear Miss Addams.

To show you how completely in line with my point of view your Introduction is, I [enclose] my Foreword.

In it I intimated as delicately as I could how the letter of my book conformed to life -- but I could go no further than to suggest, <only> to those who know me, this alignment of thought with my life.

I did not expect you to do it, but am glad you thought it would add reason for and strength to the book to show how simply and naturally it grew out of the experience which led me on, and, outward-bound.

Only a friend could have done this -- and you [page 2] are the only one who knows the [wiser?] forces and the outer conditions well enough well enough to have done it so delicately and yet plainly.

While your too generous appreciation seems far beyond what I deserve or can live up to, it passed muster under the somewhat severely critical attitude of my family toward every needless or fulsome publicity given to personal affairs.

Grateful, beyond expression am I for this last and greatest token of your friendship which has made many of the things you refer to possible.

Proof will be sent you by Dodd, Mead & Co -- which will show slight changes in presentation and paragraphing and one correction in naming the Commission I worked with.

Sincerely Yours Graham Taylor.

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