Jane Addams to Sophonisba P. Breckinridge, May 7, 1912


Dear Fellow Vice Pres't:

I do hope you made it clear that we are standing by our invitation to the Nat. Bd. even if three women are inhospitable -- after all Mrs Downey is Pres't of Ill. and she as well as the other Pres'ts signed the call and not one of the three objectors. I am writing this en route to [Wichita] -- they hurry me along so fast that there is no time for writing. Could you write to Miss Shaw from me and say that I am still expecting her at H.H. for that week. [page 2] I should ↑think↓ that Mrs Dennett ought to be there for her own education in the campaigns and on the whole I believe we ought to make it clear that while a small group do not want them, that we do.

I am [traveling] about with the Rev Olympia Brown and find her a most delightful alive old lady and so far have  struck none of the supposed animosities. I am inclined to think that Miss Shaw's responses exaggerate everything. You ought to have witnessed our automobile parade in Kansas City yesterday. I was driven by the [page 3] mayor himself, followed by 30 machines including one that belonged to the city, fire trucks etc. It was grand! I am having a very good time [although] strenuous. I will write to Mrs McCormick I think from Wichita, but I will be very grateful if you write to the headquarters people. Didn't we get [such] a [queer] thing last fall. Always ys J. A

May 7" 1912