Jane Addams to Charles McCarthy, December 13, 1912


Dec. 13, 1912

My dear Mr. Mc[Carthy]: --

The Executive Committee has not yet appointed the Sub-Committee so that I would really have no authority to act in the matter. There is a meeting in New York however next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and I have sent on your letter already with an urgent request that it be acted upon as quickly as possible. I am sure that you will hear from them at once.

I think your proposition is a most sensible one and I shall be very much disappointed if they do not take it up promptly.

I wish so much we might have arranged to have had you speak before the entire conference. The men were so afraid that it was too big and unmanagable for discussion, but I think they erred the other way. I was so new in politics that I did not dare assert myself, but I shall be less [page 2] timid another time.

Hoping that the arrangement you suggest will be in operation certainly within a week, I am

Sincerely yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Charles Mc[Carthy], Esq.,

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