Edward William Bok to Jane Addams, December 9, 1912

 December ninth
Nineteen hundred
and twelve

My dear Miss Addams:

Of course, your page must absolutely remain your own and appear over your name. My thought of the material by Mrs. Bowen was that you would sort of digest <it> and then give your version of the material, of course giving Mrs. Bowen and the Juvenile Protective Association credit. Why not start the article by saying that the Association made this investigation and Mrs. Bowen published these pamphlets about it and that you are telling of the results? I am glad that the material seems to appeal to you, as it did so strongly to me, as suitable for our readers, for to my mind [page 2] these are subjects that they should know about. I fancy, too, that the material you speak about with regard to the * boys in the jail might lend itself also to the department, and of course I am perfectly willing to trust your judgement in this respect,

Believe me, 

Very cordially yours,
Edward Bok [signed]

<*The more I think of this the better I like it, particularly if the material tells, as I suppose it does, the causes which send the boys to jail.>

Miss Jane Addams

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