Paul Underwood Kellogg to Jane Addams, October 10, 1912



October 10, 1912.

Dear Miss Addams:

Enclosed is: -- copy

A. Copy of the Cleveland report.

B. Three sections from the memo. I sent Mr. Roosevelt.

Section A puts the case for the industrial minimum, whether of wages, safety, hours, or insurance. <This went into T. R.'s speech.>

Section B is positive rather than negative -- the planks which in one part of the national platform or another will serve to develop our constructive labor power as a people.

Section C is a sort of connecting link, citing a pretty telling case from the standpoint of the employer, rather than the social reformer, for governmental industrial regulation. The speaker was the contractor of the aqueduct <(Mr. McArthur, I think)>, whom Miss Wald knows well. <The "CRUSHABLE ELEMENT" may give you a rallying cry. See Sheet C. [illegible] Taft.>

[added text referring to Sections B and C] <So far as I know these have not been used. I sent copies to Roosevelt and Johnson after the convention as well as put them in T. R.'s hands before. If they are of any use at all -- in whole or part -- they are yours.


Paul Kellogg [signed]