Mary Rozet Smith to Ada Lois James, September 24, 1912

September 24.
Bar Harbor, Maine.

My dear Miss James

Miss Addams received your letter just as she was leaving today and she asked me to write you for her.

She understands that she is to speak at Baraboo at two o'clock on the third of October and I have written Miss Gale asking [page 2] her if it were possible <for Miss Addams> to speak in Portage on the evening of the third. If that is quite impossible she will take the Portage engagement on the fourth. Miss Addams also asked me to tell you that she quite agrees with your position <judgement> in regard to committing the Suffrage Association to the support of any party. She identified [page 3] herself with the Progressive Party as an individual and would not have felt at liberty to involve any association. Miss Addams will be at Hull-House Friday morning in case you should want to reach her.

Very sincerely yours

Mary Rozet Smith

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