Jane Addams to Alexander A. McCormick, August 21, 1912 Also known as: Jane Addams to Joseph Medill McCormick, August 21, 1912


Aug. 21st

A. A. McCormick
Union League Club
The Rookery, Chicago

Had long conversations with two leading men before I left, have written <wired> today to Merriam, McCormick, <and> Robins, think you are absolutely right, there be much disaffection if <[they]> do not agree.

Jane Add

Medill McCormick. La Salle Hotel Per Headquarters

[Philanthropic people] Social workers & Philanthropists had much to do persuading A A McCormick to run for Pres County Board. A Mc j of  We are [illegible] much disturbed but a county ticket for the Progressive party was so if  [illegible] in Bartzens election which would spelling disaster [to] Juvenile Court and all county [Childrens] <[Institutes]>. Would it not be possible to omit county ticket?

Jane Addams