Edward Fisher Brown to Jane Addams, May 9, 1911

National Child Labor Committee

Hotel Leland
Springfield, Ill
May 9, 1911

Dear Miss Addams: --

The street trades bill fell [through]. A hearing was had and a Mr. Woods spoke against the measure. The senators on the Committee were clearly opposed to it from the start, some intimating that inasmuch as the newspaper men opposed the measure [page 2] they feared to antagonize the press. The subject was on motion referred to a Sub Committee to investigate and report when ready. Our worst foes were placed on the sub committee and it is generally agreed that they constitute the official pall-bearers of the bill.

We had better fortune with the stage bill. It was defeated 18 to 15 after the most spirited discussion of the day lasting nearly an hour. Senators Henson, Chagge & Madigan spoke on our side & made a favorable impression. Senator Clarke became [panicky] [page 3] and enraged at his defeat & served notice to the Senate that he would move to reconsider the bill tomorrow. We therefore wired you for pressure from your end.

Very sincerely,
Edward F. Brown

<I believe we are now safe, will let you know tomorrow.
C. L. Chute>