John A. Corn to Jane Addams, December 19, 1911


Dr. J. A. Corn.

Amoret, Missouri, Dec 19 1911

Miss Addams Hull House Chicago


Have been reading your "New Conscience & an Ancient Evil" got filled up as a matter of course so you will have to take the consequences.

That is my excuse for writing you not that I expect to show you any thing new to convince you of error. 

Knowing something of the economic and social evil in the big cities I feel that you handle your subject well but as you probably know you haven't worked into even a small corner [page 2] of the blot of the 20th century.

The bad lands cadets etc are bad no doubt but it is out here that we make the material for you much of it we send you C O D and much of it we keep at home.

It's questionable to me if a girl of good moral [fiber] strikes her flag anywhere but we make them here out of the apparently good people.

Many girls of the great middle class with <apparently> good parents good homes no need of working fall for the reason that "it runs in the family".  Show me a dissolute parent and you have discovered for me worthless children if it doesn't show [page 3] in one generation is is sure to in the next else why the Sunday School teachers et cetera that become sporty with their lover and later on with every man that cares to.

Your physicians of repute will bear me out in this.

The remedy is only one so far as can be discovered. Your near neighbor Indiana has put the law on her statute books of unsexing all degenerates criminals etc.

When ever that becomes the national law and is strictly enforced to the letter and upon every convicted person we will begin to get free of the mess slowly of course but all movements that amount to any thing move slowly. [page 4]

Take the class of people you are dealling with how can the state expect to produce good citizens of such (I was going to say trash and will.)

If you know of such a person who quit the life years ago married and "settled down" take a good look at the progeny not very reliable are they when it comes to morals chastity or anything else. Why not unsex the whole mess and stop their procreation.

Trusting that you will be immensely successful at your task (and you won't for we make them faster than you reform [page 5] them) I have the honor to remain

Yours very truly
 Dr. J. A. Corn

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