Jane Addams to Ada Lois James, February 2, 1912


February 2, 1912.

My dear Miss James: --

Mrs. La Follette had suggested Mrs. Youmans as Auditor, and I think that Mrs. Stanley McCormick was also suggested. It seems to me that it would be a great advantage for the auditor to be near the accounts. However, I do not know that the matter will come up until the meeting in March.

I am sure that everything I have heard of Mrs. Youmans is most satisfactory. I should certainly continue to use the label on our printing. It is a matter of principle with us at Hull-House and I think that most public bodies find it advisable to put it on the lower ground. Miss Willis explained to me that she did not wish to move her office because the public stenographer with whom she is now officing did a great deal of work without pay for her and the rent now is very small. I very much enjoyed the meeting and hope to see you often during the campaign.

Sincerely yours,

Jane [Addams] [signed by secretary]
Miss Ada James
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.