Helen Louise Hatch to Jane Addams, January 27, 1912

DETROIT, Jan 27 1912
24 West Euclid Ave
Miss Jane Addams,
800 South Halsted St

My dear Miss Addams,

We received your answer to my letter explaining that you could not come to Detroit to speak in behalf of the Industrial School Association and their new settlement work. Would you be going in June to Cleveland to the National Conference of Charities? Could you come here then? Perhaps you can't answer this at present, but we hope you will keep us in mind and arrange to come sometime before long to Detroit in our interests, and should you be able to arrange to do so we want to have the opportunity of receiving you.

Meanwhile, if you know of some strong person to send here now to speak in Detroit in an effort to help our projects I wish you would make the suggestion. [page 2] In your letter you said you were going to send Miss Davis' report on child labor investigations in Chicago. This has not arrived. If it is convenient to send one, we should appreciate it and find it of value.

I wish to obtain the constitution and by-laws of settlement associations which would assist me in arriving at a good form for an association like our own. I wish I might have one of Hull-House and also a year book, I understand these are sold at a small cost. I will gladly purchase them if I may.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Louise Hatch