Lilly von Stoffregen Somerhausen to Jane Addams, January 16, 1926


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Brussels, ↑the 16th of January↓ 1926.

153, rue Jourdan,

To the Friends of Minna Cauers,

Further to the announcement in the introduction to the diary, “Minna Cauer, Life and Work”, we are planning an edition of “Minna Cauer in Letters to her Friends”. We believe that this would be a valuable addition to the first significant biography, as the letters document more effectively than the original work, Minna Cauer’s relationships, what she thought of them, what she felt towards them, and the impression, she made on others. We hope that all friends of Minna Cauers will support us in this endeavour by providing us with relevant letters.

It is crucial for this publication, to receive letters, which deal with events of public life, or shed light on Minna Cauer’s character, or illuminate relevant friendships. We would be grateful if you could check the letters that you have of Minna Cauer in this respect and loan us the letters for publication. We will of course consider if you wish for possible emendations. We will ensure possible return.

The main editor of this edition is the signatory, the great-niece Minna Cauers, though Minna Cauer’s long-serving and faithful assistant, Else Lüders, Berlin W, 30, Neue Winterfeldstrasse 17, has promised her to lend a hand with words and deeds. We therefore ask, to address likely communications, queries or the sending of Minna Cauer’s letters to Else Lüders or the signatory.

Yours sincerely

Lilly Somerhausen[signed]

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