Benjamin Barr Lindsey to Jane Addams, October 31, 1911


October 31, 1911.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Ill.

My dear Miss Addams:

I thank you so much for your kind letter, and it relieves me more than I can tell you in the controversy here concerning the Boy Scouts. I heartily believe in the Boy Scouts -- that is, in the good I think they are capable of doing -- and the organization has appealed to me exactly as it has to you and I feel about it in precisely the same way. I do not think our labor people quite understand it, and I want to help to make it clear to them, and I know that your letter will go a long ways in helping us to smooth out some of our local difficulties, should they continue as they threatened recently.

One difficulty is that on the local committees in some cities we have placed men of the "Big Business" type who have taken part in the formation of local trusts and other monopolies that have been terribly oppressive to the people and have resulted in robbery of practically every home in the city, and when such men preach the platitudes to boys -- about honesty, etc. -- it appears very absurd to some of our friends among the Socialists and laboring people who have a very keen knowledge of fundamental justice.

I hope to have a short visit East in November, but I am not sure that I can get away, and if I do I will be crowded during every minute of it, but I am going to especially make every effort either going or coming to stop in Chicago, if it is only between trains, just to have a talk with you -- if it is [page 2] physically possible for me to arrange it.

I am in a rather critical situation here regarding the Juvenile Court, but I think I can say with perfect confidence it is only a matter of a few months confusion when it will all be straightened out in our favor. I enclose a statement regarding it.

I also have a very kind note from Miss Julia Lathrop, and in the crush of matters here it is almost impossible to keep up my correspondence, and if you will kindly hand her this letter as in a part a reply to her last note -- with the statement enclosed -- I will appreciate it.

Sincerely yours,

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