Lida Gustava Heymann to Jane Addams, June 5, 1924

The Windsor
Montreal June 5th 1924.

My dear Jane Addams!

Yesterday I received your [telegram]. I told Mrs Post about every report, she got them all, except that of [Widegren] and Hertzka. I could not make Hertzka write her speeches down, you know how she is, when she has no secretary beside her, she will not write and we must take her as she is and use her other good qualities. Miss Widegren gave her speeches to the stenographer, she could not write them once more and I wrote Mrs Post to get them from him, so I hope every [page 2] thing is all right.

I wrote you a postcard from Cleveland ↑[written down left margin] but I do not know, if you got it, because I left it in an Autocab↓ to tell you that our meetings are everywhere splendid, but the best one was yesterday in Toronto. 2500 persons, very good speeches; we did good work for our league. Our Canadian women are fine. Augspurg and I liked the Pax train very much, we got on very good with Miss Woods and Mrs Trimble. Here in Montreal things seemed to be a little mixed up, but as time goes on, we will come out of the confusion and have good meetings. I am sure of that. Woods, Capy, Williams, Ramondt and I are leaving in a moment for Ottawa, where we have two meetings, one with the [labors?] and the other in the evening, [mass meeting]. With kindly regards

faithfully yours

Lida Gustava Heymann.