Allen S. Landon to Jane Addams, November 26, 1910

629 W. 67" Blv'd City
Sat. AM. Nov. 26d 1910

Dear Miss Addams

"Hull-House," City.

I have just read a press notice of your book "Twenty Years at Hull House" -- your "Labour Museum" -- and how the "Idea" of a House {all your own, in the midst of horrid little houses"} was born in the midst of London's "[squalid]" classes, of your warm hearted father who shed tears at the death of Lincoln (just as my father did.) My father & mother came to Illinois in 1838 -- we voted for Fremont & Lincoln & loved Mazzini's writings, also [Wm. Penn's] and all the loyal, worthy & well qualified patriotic forefathers. 

I am now nearly 75 yrs. young! with all the "[livin?]" of 1861, & more to! Am hopeful, thankful, healthy & happy. I congratulate you most sincerely for the success in the past that has been "[god] send" for future victories. "As we sow so we reap," is my creed.

With many thanks & cordial greetings, I am 

Yours Fraternally
Allen S. Landon