Jane Addams to Ellen Gates Starr, March 19, 1928


March [19]" 1928


Dearest Ellen --

This is your birthday and I am writing this birthday letter which ought to have been written, to have reached you today, but none-the-less it is going off full of gratitude and affections for our long friendship through the years -- The years count up to fifty don't they, since our first friendship at R.F.S. in Rockford, -- it is queer this business of getting old enough to refer to fifty years for one feels exactly as one did before -- certainly to one's best friends. How much your enthusiasm and understanding meant to me [page 2] in those boarding school and European days, I am [sure you] know.

We had hoped to hear of your plans, are you meaning to stay for Easter? Please know that we are not only ready but eager to be financially responsible for a nurse-companion from Santa Fe to Chicago -- and do not try to start without one.

We are doing absolutely nothing about the apartment until you decide what you want to do. I will take full responsibility for the rent in any case, so please, don't have it on your mind.

Mary sends her best love, Always yours devotedly

Jane Addams

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