Address to the Sinai Reformed Church, December 8, 1910 (excerpt)



Hull House Head Tells Women They Should Take Interest in Things.

"The [feudal] and medieval notion of woman to attend to her household, while her husband went forth to war and annexation and the building up of the empire still survives. Women in this day and generation should interest themselves in the things that pertain to their welfare and that of their children."

Miss Jane Addams made this observation the keynote of an address delivered today at Sinai Reformed Church, East 21st Street and Indiana Avenue. Some of the subjects that women in Chicago can bestir themselves in discussing and promoting, according to the head of Hull House, are:

Need for larger corps of school nurses.

Preventing young girls selling articles in streets at unseasonable hours.

Ten-hour-day laws for women.

Pure-food law.

All laws and legislation that look for the alleviation of the working woman's lot.

All laws that pertain to health of women and children.

Milk supply.

"We don't do these things because we think it unwomanly," continued Miss Addams. "It is a survival of the ancient feeling that induced our ancestors to remain shut up in the castle while their lords battled for the kingdom. We still think that political life means a clashing of shields and arms. The sentiment has been handed down to present times. We ought to face the situation to see what inhibits us to do what the generation demands. The conscientious woman will be successful in accomplishing much if she combats the old notion that it is unwomanly."

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