Statement on Education and Peace, October 12, 1921


Teach Teutons Peace Says Jane [Addams]

Glories of War Taught in German Schools -- Teach Peace Glories, Is Advice.

By International News Service.

Chicago, Oct. 12. -- "It was in the [schools] that the Germans were taught [the] glories of war; it must be in the [schools] then, that the Germans and all other nations must be taught the glories of peace."

This was Miss Jane Addams's reply when asked point-blank how any organization of women could prevent war. Miss Addams had just returned from a tour of Continental Europe on behalf of the society of which she is president, the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.

"My tour taught me one thing," continued Miss Addams, "and that is, though war came from the Germans it certainly appears as though lasting peace is also coming from them -- at all events, if the efforts of their women count for anything. They have [seen] the horrors of war, and they will have no more of it.

"Already they have formed themselves into groups throughout the whole of Germany. Previously every mothers, they admit -- sang songs glorifying the good German Michel as a warrior, a conquering hero; now he is sung to as a peaceful toiler. For the change of spirit the mothers of Germany are responsible.

"We hope that spirit will gradually permeate the world. The women can do it; that is the mission of our organization, and although in some countries it is not so far advanced as one would like, yet everywhere [I] found a start had already been made in that direction.

"The improvement in the status [of] the women in Vienna was the [most] noticeable. Before the war women there were forbidden to take part in any political movement; now every woman over twenty-one has a vote and they are entitled to sit in the Lower and Upper Senate. Similar conditions exist in Greece, Poland, [Czechoslovakia], the non-Bolshevik part of the Ukraine and nearly all the other smaller Balkan states."

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