Alice Thacher Post to Amy Woods, August 26, 1924


August 26, 1924

Miss Amy Woods,
Islesboro, Maine

Dear Miss Woods:

An important letter has been received from Mary D. Brite of Cincinnati relative to a possible bequest to our organization on the part of Alice House of Cincinnati.

I am advising Miss Heerman not to entrust this letter to the mails directed to you at Islesboro for fear it may not reach you before you leave Islesboro. My experience in correspondence with Miss Addams and Miss Balch this summer is that letters do not reach these Maine addresses for three or four days and if you should be leaving Islesboro to reach some other point by September 1st, this letter might get lost.

We will, therefore, hold it in this office unless you direct Miss Heerman to send it to Mrs. Hull. It is a letter that the writer thinks Miss Addams should be consulted about and a lawyer may have to be employed.

I will suggest to Miss Heerman that by postal she acknowledge the letter to Miss Brite telling her that we will get it into your hands as soon as we are perfectly sure how to address you and thank her for so important a communication.

Sincerely yours,