Eva Watson-Schütze to Jane Addams, October 5, 1923


Oct. 5, 1923.

Dear Miss Addams --

It is good to know you are safely returned to us -- I want to send greetings to you -- and I think you will be interested in a new piece of work that has developed in your absence-- so I am sending you our little leaflet. As you will see the association was inspired by one of the young men who has been through it all -- and who has a passion to take the glamor out of war [page 2] to have the truth about it taught to little children, so no image of glory would [rise] before them again as the word "War," as it always did in his childhood and youth. It has seemed to me the answer to the thing we could not find the way to do in 1915 -- and here is a young and fearless voice speaking out of his horrible experience -- and able to reach members of the legion -- the churches, and other backward (!) people -- because he has been in it.

We want to gain a large popular support of parents and teachers for new text-books. [page 3]

During the Summer we have had a very exhausting analysis and report on existing text-books made which is to be printed and should do valuable work. This has been mainly under the direction of Prof. Paul Douglas -- who is an economist (and a Quaker).

On the Board of Directors are the pres. of the Nat. Education Assn -- the pres. of the Amalgamated Banks -- a Jew, a Catholic, a Quaker and members of other Christian denominations as well as unclassified ones like Miss Boynton and myself -- so we are a good [motley] company in fine agreement [page 4] in our work -- and the treasurer a Legion man (officer in the war) is one of the finest young men -- and a regular brick in every way. We are expecting to have a big public meeting in November -- Peat's time is being quickly filled at home and abroad for the next two years. He is working with the W.I.L. Mrs. Maurice Weyl has a week's appointments for him in Phila. and N.Y. in December.

Mr. Schütze and I are looking forward to hearing some of your experiences and reports next week -- I hope soon to see you --

Faithfully yours Eva Schütze