Women's Overseas Service League Resolution, May 29, 1924

Women's Overseas Service League

Resolution unanimously passed by the Entertainers' Unit, Inc., Women's Overseas Service League, at its meeting at the Hotel McAlpin, May 28th ↑29th↓, 1924: --

Whereas, it has come to the knowledge of the Entertainers' Unit, Inc., of the Women's Overseas Service League, at its meeting held at the Hotel McAlpin, New York City, on May 28th ↑29th↓, 1924, that the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, one of the participating organizations with the National Council for Prevention of War, flagrantly advocates: --

Recognition of Soviet Russia,

Abolishment of Property Privileges,

Abolition of the Army and Navy,

Abolition of the National Guard,

Repeal of the National Defense Act of 1920,

Opposed to University and School Military Training,

Wants revision of School Text Books,

Particularly anxious to abolish Gas and Chemical Warfare Division of the Army,

Expresses friendship and sympathy for Germany,

Believes "all wars are for capitalists,"

Endorses the Youth Movement,

Advocates amnesty for all Political Prisoners,

Advocates Pacificism both directly and indirectly; directly by its drive to abolish Army and Navy; indirectly by the so called "Slacker's Oath," author Mrs. Harriet Conner Brown, a member of the League's Executive Committee, which Oath reads as follows: --

"Go to war, if you want to, but know this: We have pledged ourselves not to give you our children, not to encourage or nurse your soldiers, not to knit a sock, or roll a bandage, or drive a truck, or make a war speech, or buy a bond."

Be it resolved, that the Entertainers' Unit of the Women's Overseas Service League, women who served overseas during the World War and who know what war means with all its horrors and sacrifices, and who know what this country would suffer were the vicious and insidious program of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom permitted to be adopted, strongly deprecates the propaganda of this League and will do all in its power collectively and individually to thwart its purposes and, pledges itself to bring about the mental, physical and moral training of the boys and girls of this land in good citizenship, love for, and the protection of these United States in any emergency. [page 2]

Be it further resolved, that a copy of these resolutions be forwarded to Miss Jane Addams, of Chicago, President of the W.I.L., and the public press.

Katherine Schenk. [signed]
Corresponding Secretary.
Saramé Raynolds Drake [signed]