Frances Crosby Bartter to Jane Addams, February 18, 1924


February 18, 1924.

P. O. BOX [635?]

My Dear Miss Addams:

You very kind note with the etching of the entrance to Hull House came while I was in Hong Kong or it would have been acknowledged more promptly.

I am delighted to have this token of remembrance from you. How do you manage, [page 2] when your days are so full, to bear in mind those who are seen in passing? I shall so enjoy having this etching before me, but shall not rest content until I have passed through the portal to that within of which I have heard so much.

I should have loved taking you into our home and hiding you from the strain of constant expenditure of energy [page 3] during your brief time here, but knew it was quite impossible. Those who give of themselves so generously apparently may not even have peace on the other side of a world!

Miss Whitcombe was made so happy by your letter and gift. Your sun-helmet has [traveled] far and wide through the [page 4] mountains on my husband's head.

I have a story I know you will appreciate. We have a charming little girl from Texas in the family at present. When you were here, someone remarked at table that you and Mrs. Leonard Wood were similar in type. The young lady's eyes opened very wide as she exclaimed, -- "Then how did she do Peter Pan?"

Please give my cordial regards to Miss Smith.

With many thanks for your kind remembrance I am

Yours very faithfully,

Frances Crosby Bartter