Women's International League for Peace and Freedom member to Jane Addams, April 24, 1924


April 24, 1924

Dear Miss Addams,

Today I saw Senator Owen. He was very much interested in the way things are shaping up. He, of course would not care to copy the letter that I took to him. He said he would write a short personal note to the effect that it had been brought to his attention by a member of the W.I.L. that statements were going about that the Congress had found disfavor with the War Department, and was liable to interferences that he would like a statement from the Secretary as to whether this is true or not, and if true the reason for his position. He will send this in long hand, and will send Headquarters a copy of the answer.

Senator Owen also expressed himself in hearty sympathy with the objects of the W.I.L. and is very sorry that previous engagements in Oklahoma will prevent his speaking in the Congress.