Paul Underwood Kellogg to Jane Addams, August 13, 1909


August 13, 1909.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Miss Addams:-

When you were in New York at the Publication Committee meeting in the spring you were good enough to say that your [cooperation] could be counted upon in connection with the Educational Fund of the Magazine.

Mr. Devine, as you know, has been ill all the summer and we have kept financial matters pretty clear of him. With the new name and with the prospect of a generally prosperous year ahead, we are eager to make next year count as never before for the magazine. To do this effectively it is necessary to have some financial [leeway] at the start which we can invest promptly and vigorously. While we have weathered the most stringent times and have come out of the year whole, I am very anxious to do more than that and have this working margin to begin our effective campaign in the fall upon the return of both my brother and Mr. Devine. I am writing, therefore, to a number of the people who contributed to our educational fund in 1907-08, but who were not in position to contribute during the interval, urging them on the [page 2] [basis?] of their past interest to renew their contributions at this time.

Of our Chicago contributors, Mrs. Bowen have $500. in 1907 [for?] the year 1907-8; Mr. Frederic A. Delano, $100. in 1907 for the [year] 1907-8; Mr. Julius Rosenwald, $500. in 1907 for the year 1907-8. [There] were some others, but as I look through the names these seem those whose good will has been of a sort which we could perhaps call upon at this juncture. Would you be willing to call the matter to their attention?