George Herbert White to Mary Rozet Smith, December 23, 1922

Chicago, Ill.
December 23, 1922.
Miss Mary Rozet Smith,
12 W. Walton Place,
Chicago, Ill.

My dear Miss Smith:

I take pleasure in giving you the names of a few Friends in China and Japan as Miss Addams requested before she sailed, and I am sure they will be in a position to put you in touch with much that is interesting in both countries.

In Japan, Gilbert Bowles is the most prominent Friend, and is one of the leading men in the cause of peace and in private capacity one of the outstanding men in international relations between Japan and this country. His address is Friends Mission, No. 30 Koun Cho, Mita, Shiba, Tokyo, where there is a very interesting group of Americans. [page 2]

Further north there are Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pratt, c/o Y.M.C.A., Mukden, Manchuria. Mrs. Pratt was a prominent young Philadelphia Friend who recently married Mr. Pratt and has now been in Manchuria for a year or more. This past summer Mr. Pratt was directly instrumental in preventing hostilities between two Chinese armies and has had a big influence in that part of the country. I am enclosing a leaflet which recently came to me which has extracts from a letter of Mrs. Pratt, which gives a little of her impressions of a visit to Japan during the summer, which I think you might be interested in, in case you go as far north as Manchuria.

All of these Friends I am sure will be delighted to see both you and Miss Addams, and if you will let them know in advance when you are likely to reach their parts of the country, they will be able to assist you in getting in touch with some prominent local people and conditions that it might be more difficult to do otherwise.

I am sure both of you will have a wonderful trip, and I hope it will be without many trying experiences.

Miss Addams will be interested to know that Mr. and Mrs. Timbres who have just returned from Russia are coming to Chicago the day after Christmas and will spend about five months here in connection with raising funds.

With the best seasons greetings.

Cordially yours,

G Herbert White [signed]