Lida Gustava Heymann to Jane Addams, September 12, 1923


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6, rue du Vieux-Collège

Munich d. 12 Sept 1923
Dear Jane Addams!

You receive our greeting from Dresden.

Despite the small attendance, the meeting of the Executive Committee was very satisfactory; many new plans were made and everyone returned home with the best intentions to devote all their energy to our work. Miss Marschall, Andrée [Jouvre], Aletta Jacobs and Gertrud Baer went to Berlin to negotiate with the new government. I just received the news [that] Baer has gone to Paris with [Jouvre] to start negotiations; hopefully it is not too late! – The state of affairs in Germany is becoming more and more dismal, I am still counting in millions, unfortunately this says it all.

We all have the impression [that] Vilma Glücklich does a good job at the Maison International, she has a gift for making everything around her peaceful. But Vilma Glücklich [page 2] does not receive enough support from our departments, [therefore] we decided in Dresden [that] I would send a letter to all departments and ask them for their active cooperation. You can see the details in Appendix I. In [Austria], i.e. Vienna, unpleasant conditions have developed in our department; I will try, as soon as it is possible, to bring about understanding and have offered to travel to Vienna for this purpose; I wrote to Mrs. Mayreder in this regard (Appendix II).

It is absolutely necessary [that] apart from Vilma Glücklich there is another [illegible] person in Geneva who represents our cause abroad. If possible, we want to try to get board members to go to Geneva for inspections more often and also get Miss [Karsten] to come back to Geneva for some time, she and Glücklich work very well together.

Dear Jane Addams, how are you doing? Your severe illness has filled us with sorrow. How happy we all were [that] you were not in Japan at the time of the devastating earthquake.

Many letters have been lost lately, please let me know how you are doing and whether this letter came into your hands.

Anita Augspurg and I send you our best wishes

You will find all the details about our Dresden meeting in the protocol, which you will receive from Geneva.


Lida Gustava Heymann