Jane Addams to Helen Culver, March 12, 1908


March 12th, 1908.

My dear Miss Culver:--

I have your letter with your most generous offer to help out on the Hull-House debt. Mrs. Bowen and Mary had already told me about it, and I feel mortified that you should be called upon to help out again on the dining-room, or still worse that we cannot finish up that boiler house without more help from our trustees.

Mrs. Bowen means to do $2000 next month and Mr. Pond may well be congratulated when he returns to find the last debt wiped out.

I am very much obliged for the generous check which is being applied to the [care] of Olga A. I am going to ask Miss Breckinridge or Miss Starr to come to see you in a few days to tell you of the very interesting development of events.

It is almost absurd to thank you for your many kindnesses to us. I can only assure you that I really am grateful.

Very affectionately,

Jane Addams. [signed]