Bovia Hunt McClain to Jane Addams, March 7, 1923


Y.M.C.A. 7/III/23.

Dear Miss Addams:

The following program has been arranged for you Thursday and I hope it may meet with your approval.

8:30 Interview with Mr. Nair, the Associated [Press] representative, at Strand Hotel.

9:00 Mr. and Mrs. Teasdale, Americans in British Gov't service, will call for you and take you to see a Burmese girls' school, Judson College, and a few other places. They also expect Miss Smith to go. Mrs. Teasdale wanted you to have breakfast with them, but about this I am not certain. She also thought breakfast might be arranged at the school. Or if you prefer, you can return to the hotel for breakfast.

1:00 Lunch at Government House. Dr. & Mrs. [Gilmore] of Judson College will call for you either at the Hotel at 12:30, or at the Teasdales at 12:45 according to your pleasure. The invitation is enclosed herewith. I am not certain that Miss Smith is included.

5:00 Reception by American Assn. Meeting to be at Y.M.C.A. It is understood that you will speak of your work at the reception.

8:00 Dinner with the Healy's, in [honor] of yourself and Miss Smith. The guests invited are the following: Principal and Mrs. Howard, of Judson College; Principal and Mrs. French, of [Government] High School; Miss Terry, Secy. Y.W.C.A.; Miss Strout, Secy. of the W.C.T.U.; Dr. Black, an American physician; and myself.

I shall call at the hotel shortly before 9:00. If I can be of any service, please let me know.

↑Yours sincerely,↓

B H McClain [signed]