Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, June 11, 1909



Your letter this morning cheered me mightily -- not exactly because it was so cheerful as because I was overjoyed to get a word from you -- it seemed a long blank time since I had. I have [had] fussed over the book all of the time between meetings, the lady has been splendid help. She has [given] me stories [page 2] and written them out, has dictated the completed thing to a stenographer as I [grieve] to state that Chap I needs almost as much help as did [Chap] II but at least I won't have the remorse inspired by Newer Id. of P. Little Sarah's [state] sounded quite piteous, do have her rest. I was so worn out at 16 that I am sure I laid the whole foundation for my break down at 21. [page 3]

Keep up courage Darling -- I am expecting to see a restored Lady by the time we move into the little shore house which I think of with much affection. Always, yrs


June 11" 1909

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