Vilma Glücklich and Eleanor Daggett Karsten to Jane Addams, February 1923



6, rue du Vieux-Collège

February, 1923.

Dear Madam:

The crisis in Europe today justifies a special appeal to our friends for support in the work of the W.I.L.P.F. For in a crisis, more than at any other time, every member counts, every connection helps, and every dollar increases the possibilities of effective work.

We need both your moral and your financial support.

We make the appeal to you because we believe that we already have your moral support and that it only needs a reminder to secure your continued financial support also. The League, while working always to help create such friendly relations between peoples as shall ultimately make war impossible, at the same time maintains the international organization necessary to put through emergency work (such as the calling of the recent Conference for a New Peace, at The Hague) when action of this sort seems most needed.

The report of this Conference at The Hague in December, 1922, will be out in a very short time. You will wish to see this.

The bi-monthly Bulletin of the League ↑published every two months↓ gives not only the news from the International Office, but also from the different National Sections. You will be interested in this.

Will you not kindly fill out the enclosed blank at once and return it to the office with your dues for the year 1923? At best, communication drags between countries so far apart; let us do all we can to hurry it up.

Very sincerely yours,

Vilma Glücklich,
Eleanor D. Karsten,
Acting Secretaries