James Bryce to Jane Addams, July 12, 1907

July 12/07
Intervale N.H.

My dear Miss Addams

Thank you very much for your book which I have read with the greatest interest. I see that it covers a wide field and will embody the vaults of your experience & special knowledge as well as of your thought. [page 2]

An interesting little bit of evidence answering a question I put to you has just reached me through a [dispatch] from a representative of The Foreign Office in Greece. He describes a large emigration going on from Thessaly. [page 3]

Now Thessaly is one of the richest, as regards soil, & one of the most thinly peopled parts of Greece. Doesn't it seem a pity that people should leave their own country where they are wanted? And probably, as in ↑the case of↓ Ireland, it is the more energetic who emigrate.
Always truly yours

James Bryce

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