Quincy Lamartine Dowd to Jane Addams, June 10, 1922


Dear Miss Addams:

A copy of Peace and Bread came by your kindness last eve. Have unwrapped it, handled it gently and tasted the Foreword. I promise ourselves a full treat right away. Would that you might have sat at our breakfast table this morning and so shared the wonderful Lombard grown strawberries, so large and luscious and colorful fresh from the pickers -- a bit dewy yet -- and the dish covered with lovely roses from the same neighbor's yard.

Well, we can’t "have all things [page 2] and abound" if she will live, or exist, at the heart of a city. You may care to know that Lombard is to have its first community celebration of Independence Day -- with speaking in the evening at the Public School grounds -- preceded by recognition ritual of new voting Americans.

Cordially yours

Quincy L. Dowd
Lombard Ill
June 10, '22
Miss Jane [Addams]:
Hull House.

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