Emily Greene Balch to Women's International League for Peace and Freedom National Sections, October 1922

Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland, 6 rue de Vieux Coll├Ęge

October 1922.

To the Secretaries of National Sections.

Dear Madam,

We are planning to have an International Summer School next summer in [Czechoslovakia] or elsewhere.

It is proposed to devote the session to discussions of the general topic of SOCIAL PEACE, giving the mornings to lectures in economic and social problems, and presenting in the afternoons or evenings some implications of the subject in literature, art and ethics. It is obvious that nothing exhausting can be attempted and the most we can hope to do is to present some of the principal points of view in a stimulating way and attempt to [organize] clarifying and useful discussion.

We also have been asked to prepare a brief bibliography to go out with the invitations to the School, as an aid to people who want to do some preparatory study.

Will your Committee please give us their help, first by sending in to this office careful suggestions for speakers. Please give full name and address, list of publications, whether known to be a good public speaker for large public assemblies or for smaller and more intimate meetings, any indication as to the financial arrangement that should be proposed. We can probably in no case go beyond an offer of 200 Swiss francs for travel etc., plus living expenses during one week at the School.

Secondly we want your help with suggestions for a bibliography. Please give full name of author, full title of the work, publisher, year of publication, number of pages, price, and if possible, a brief indication of the character of the book or pamphlet.

We fully [realize] that this means work, and not a little work; but the success of our efforts for international understanding and for peaceful progress toward better conditions depends on just such modest intelligent work, and we hope that you will be able to find a committee or individual members ready to do it.

We ask the desired information may be sent to this office not later than December 1st. It will be put at the disposition of the person undertaking the arrangement of the [program].

Thirdly, we ask you to make preliminary propaganda for the School now. The prices will probably be approximately the same as at our Lugano Summer School 1922.

With thanks for your collaboration faithfully yours


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