Zerlina Hackes Bettman to Jane Addams, June 4, 1922

Pasadena Cal.
June 4th

Beloved Miss Addams;

[Today] I received a letter from a sister residing in New York, to whom I had expressed my thanks for the kind thought in sending me your late book "Peace and Bread" and instead of the usual headline of "Dear Sister" she writes "Not Guilty". It may be presumption and conceit [page 2] on my part but I now believe your kind good Friend ordered the book sent from the publisher and that would account for the absence of an autograph or explanation. If I am tardy in expressing my great pleasure at owning the book especially under such circumstances you know why. Tomorrow I go to Santa Monica where I hope the sea air will help much towards steadying [page 3] the still shaky nerves and where I will find time and quiet to digest the book which I know must be of very great interest to everybody. The longer I remain here and the more of people I see the more I believe this is a fine land to go to sleep in but it would not do to let the natives know my thought because all think "there is no other so wonderful;" it may be true regarding negotiation and the orderly well [page 4] kept homes and gardens but I can't see any activity as yet that one in my position could engage in and be of special use to others. The negro residence [quarter] is a model other cities might copy with benefit to both white and black races. If you have not seen and care to have it, I have Mr. Chenery's review of your book. I hope you are planning for a restful vacation not too long delayed. I am enclosing my deepest love to you.

Yours devotedly

Zerlina H Bettman

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