Jane Addams to Annie Pellow Richards, May 26, 1922


May 26th, 1922.

My dear Mrs. Richards: --

I am naturally much pleased that you are remembering in your will the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. We are not incorporated although we have considerable property and have signed a long lease for our headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Because we are an international organization and the inheritance laws in various countries differ so widely, my attorney whom I have consulted in the matter thinks there might be some difficulty in administering the will if the money were left directly to the association. He has therefore suggested the following:

To promote the cause of international peace, I give to Jane Addams of Hull-House, Chicago, Illinois, the sum of $_____ as trustee for the sole use and benefit of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom with power to nominate by will her successor in trust.

He further advises me to put a codicil in my will at once naming a successor who should receive such funds in trust. In case you follow this advice, I should name our executive secretary, Emily Balch of 130 Prince Street, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, who is an American.

We have also been remembered in another will [by] a lady in New Jersey and this seems the best way to carry out the intent of the donors. I have [assumed] that you are interested in the International League with headquarters in Geneva. The president of the American Branch is Mrs. Lucy Biddle Lewis of Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. She is a Quaker and a woman of the highest reputation. If you had the American Branch in mind, it might be well to leave the money in trust to her. I can testify as to her absolute integrity and devotion to the cause of peace.

With appreciation for your kind letter, I am

Faithfully yours,