Margarete Schurgast to Jane Addams, May 6, 1922

Berlin W 8 6th of May 22
Markgrafenstrasse [28]
Pension Ludwig
Frau Maragete Schurgast

My [Honored Miss Addams]

I hope you are well as I wish it with all my heart. I am very sorry not to have seen you in Germany since a long time. In Vienna I was quite sad not to have seen you but knowing how much you were busy I did not want to trouble you so much the more as I could only have told you how much I was deceived at the little result of women especially of German women during the last 2 years [page 2] [Today] I am going to tell you by what each German heart and all the hearts of mankind must bring into emotion. Three thousand years of History have shown that forced Politics never lead us to peace.

Lloyd George is quite right to say that America will be obliged to interfere into a next war, even against her will, because Japan as allied with France has much interest to go into the war and must take part of it. And Lloyd George is also right to say that only fools can believe to obtain everlasting peace by forced Politics. This time I do not speak to you as a German but as a Pacifist. With all my heart I wished to find words, that [enflame] human hearts [page 3] that they are not silent now but that they do not rest before having found real Peace on Earth. Once already all the women have been guilty not to have done all that was in their Power against this terrible war. We must not do that wrong again. Every telegram gives new force to Lloyd George. America women must prove to French and Polish women that all the newspapers bring false news for exciting human Passions. Mankind must know that the Germans do not wish war. The voices of the German Nationalists scream to make themselves believe of their Power but that is not the Germans' voice as little as Negroes' voices are those of the Americans. Pacifists ought to invite for Meetings everywhere men and women and children, for the welfare of millions and millions ↑of↓ people depends on it. They [page 4] must try to find out where is the Danger of war and there they must act against it. I repeat once more Lloyd George's words by which he said: We walk near the precipice and even if this instantly danger of war passes away we always still are near precipices.

My prayer is that Mankind succeed to prevent us from that terrible Horror that we live a day when the sun of Love and good Intelligence conciliates again all the people.

I hope that your kind heart feels with me and that very soon you come to Germany and to Berlin and that I could be able to receive you as my dear and [honored] guest.

Kind remembrance

Yours truly

Margarete Schurgast

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