Jane Addams to Beryl Fouts, March 9, 1922

March 9th

My dear Miss [Fouts]: --

Mrs. Kohn has given me your letter to answer and I find it a little difficult because we hoped that the position at Hull-House would evolve naturally from the work at Waukegan; that the person in charge there would take over some winter teaching in cooking and sewing, a friendly relation to the immigrant women's clubs and a willingness perhaps to go out to Waukegan when the various clubs arranged to be there. It was all to be secondary to Waukegan itself and it would be hard to call it a separate position.

Could we turn it around and would you be willing to make an offer to us telling us whether you would care for such a position and what you thought the salary should be.

I am just leaving for the South and if I come anywhere near Chattanooga, I shall certainly try to see you.

Hastily yours,

Jane Addams. [signed]

Miss Beryl [Fouts],
Chattanooga, Tenn.

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