Passive Resistance, ca. March 1922



At Vienna, last summer, the task of gathering material relating to passive resistance was assigned to [Carolena] Wood, Marguerite Gobat and the undersigned. [Carolena] Wood undertook the collection of material in English speaking countries, Marguerite Gobat for Latin countries, Scandinavia, Holland, etc. It was agreed to complete the work by October 1922.

I sent out a circular to those collaborating with us in the countries that I had undertaken asking them to answer the following questions:

1) Are there in your countries well-known personalities or [organizations] whose sole aim it is to spread the idea of [nonviolence] (Gewaltlosigkeit). If so please give exact name and address.

2) Are there in your country pacifists [organizations] of men and women who accept in its full sense the principle of [nonresistance] or [noncooperation]? If so please give exact name and address.

3) Are there in the history of your country examples of political struggles carried out without violence through passive resistance or [noncooperation]?

4) Has any literature appeared in your country as to the [nonresistance] movement? Please give book title, publisher and price.

From among the literature that I have looked through I should choose to recommend to those interested the little book "Non-Cooperation in Other Lands" by Fenner Brockway, Tagore and Co, Madras. The book contains facts, as I suppose little known, as to the successful use of similar violence, free methods in Hungary, Korea, Egypt and Ireland.

Everyone who can contribute any information in passive resistance is requested to send it to my address, 12 Gths. Kaulbachstr. Munich.

Lida Gustava Heymann.