Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, February 17, 1922


Feb 17/22

Dearest J. A.

Your little note of Feb. 3 with 5 Swiss francs has just come. The Maison Internationale smiles its prettiest and thanks you. It looks very nice to see the sun shining warm upon us. I have had Mlle Gobat who turned up with a sick headache lying out on the balcony. She has been losing sleep with Pierre who has had a mild influenza -- and of course her sister's death is a great blow.

We are very cheerful. The Bulletin just about to go out -- very [bulky?] and with a picture of Mrs Yajima. I hope you will think it worth while. [page 2]

We have various suggestions for successors to Miss Thornton & F. Wössner but no one engaged.

We have undertaken 2 Summer Schools one at [Burg] Lauenstein and one at Varese in the Lake country above Milan. If we can pull this program off successfully shan't we do well?

Our finances are not so bad, really. January was an inexpensive month and we have had some receipts so our balance stood

[Sw]. francs
Jan 1 35,226 + various sums in depreciated currencies
and special sums for summer schools & Balkan trip
Feb 1 34,897

I fell for a second hand "Roneo" duplicating machine wh. saves much time & does better work. It seemed a bargain at 300 francs. [page 3]

This month we shall have the Bulletin to pay for and my salary begins again. (I am taking 800 for the present instead of 1000 however).

On the other hand Miss Thornton is turning in 1200 & from the House, reserving 500 for some furnishing expenses (already incurred in fact).

As to my health I am quite ridiculously better and hope and trust to [be soon of my] [illegible] soon to have quite my normal strength again. [page 4]

It was a funny kick up -- and it amuses me to see how much better my sisters, experienced in the ways of nerves understood my condition than I did myself. I was ashamed to have it just nerves and would have welcomed almost any physiological explanation however dire.

I must go to lunch

With love always Emily G B.

Yesterday I spoke about the League to a group primarily Japanese at the quarters of the Jap. Delegation to the L. of N. The Secretary of wh Mr. Ayusawa is such a charming young man, a member of the Fellowship of Reconciliation.

[written up the left margin] The Report (Vienna) is coming sometime and I hope against hope soon. I hope you will approve that I am giving